Sikka Company for registration in schools, universities, and institutes in Malaysia.

Student Registration Agency in Malaysia. SIkka is Malaysia’s largest student enrollment company and provides consulting services to international students who want to attend Malaysian universities and colleges. The Agency also acts as an intermediary between students and educational institutions in Malaysia, providing a variety of services to facilitate enrollment and enrollment at the appropriate institution.

How do I get university admission?

The student's journey in university study begins shortly before the start of the new academic year, where the student must determine the college and specialization required, and he must ask some questions and find good answers to them in order to start.

How will you pay for your university program?

Do you want to get a private or public university?

Want to live on campus or off campus ?

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Our Services

التسجيل في افضل الجامعات الحكومية​

Government Universities

The registration and admission process in the top government universities

التسجيل في افضل الجامعات الخاصة

Private Universities

Registration and issuance of admission to the best private universities

التسجيل معاهد اللغة الانجليزية​

Language Institutes

Registration in the best English language institutes

التسجيل في المدارس العالمية​

International Schools

Registration in the top international schools

استقبال من المطار

Airport pick-up

Airport reception and student paperwork completion

تامين السكن لطلاب

Providing student accommodation

Arranging student accommodation upon arrival

What distinguishes the team at SIKKA?

Fast registration

SIKKA team works to provide a distinguished service to students wishing to study in accredited universities contracted with in Malaysia, through the possibility of registering directly through the registration link on the website and the registration is provided

Continuous communication

Providing accurate information is our trust, so we work in SIKKA team to communicate continuously with students, follow up on their submitted applications and carry out all registration procedures, in addition to continuing to communicate with them and provide assistance

Premium Services

We guarantee admission to you up to a maximum of one week if you meet all of the university’s conditions for admission. We are your first partner on the journey from A to Z where we: (We receive students at the airport - and help them with university registration - provide housing in accordance with the student’s budget - We equalize certificates ... etc until the student graduates)